Sydney Food Blogger’s Xmas Picnic

15 December 2010
by Phuoc

I remember about this time last year reading the many posts about a food blogger’s Christmas picnic and how I wished to be apart of it badly! Fast forward a year and I’m there! Funny how things work hey? Over the weekend, Helen and Suze organised a Christmas party for over 60 food bloggers. The weather gods were kind to us that day; it was great being able to mingle with fellow food bloggers and stuff our faces silly with the masses of food in the nice weather.

Speaking of masses of food, where do I start? Each blogger was asked to bring a dish to share, and judging by the array of food, it seems like we’re all sweet tooths. As per usual, the amount of savoury items does not compare to the amount of sweets so everyone was trying to fish out all the savoury items before we self inflict a sugar coma on ourselves. I didn’t managed to take that many picture of the food as I was busy eating and socialising (oh such a hard life that is).

There was a show stopper macaron tower made by Cleony. The santa topper was really adorable. I didn’t get to try all the flavours but from what I gathered, all the flavours were a hit.

Helen organised the first ever food blogger’s olympics and guess who “volunteered” to participate? Me! Well I didn’t really volunteer, the raffle ticket that I drew for the Kris Kringle was one of the “lucky” tickets.. We gathered in 4 teams of 4 to participate in games which tested the skills deemed to be crucial for a food blogger. Was I up for the challenge? Heck yeah! My team, The Fondant Penguins (name brought about due to this post), featured Melanie from The Adventures of Miss Piggy, Adrienna from Fish in a Car and Sneh from Cook Republic. We ended up getting the bronze medal for the olympics. YAY!

The first set of games was The Amazing Chopstick Race. 50 soy beans were placed in one bowl and contestants had to transfer them from one bowl to the other without touching the bowl, the first one to finish wins that round. Our speedy gonzales, Adrienna, did this in lighting speed and took out the challenge.

The next challenge was The Blind Taste Test and I volunteered myself for that one. There were two items given to us and the quickest to get them right wins. I thought the ingredients were going to be more weirder as it was Helen’s chance to give us mysterious food but she played it safe the food items were cucumber and sunflower seeds. Unfortunately I didn’t win as I didn’t realise I had to raise my hand to reveal the answer.. D’oh!

Last challenge was a joint effort by two competitors of the same team. Food styling and food photography involved raiding the left over food to plate up something delicious to be photographed and posted onto Twitter with the hashtag #sydfoodblogxmas. Melanie was quick to steal the entire macaron tower which didn’t leave much for the other guys to choose from but there were sabotage attempts made by the other teams as they were nicking off some of the macarons.

We finished off the festivities with Kris Kringle with a twist. Throughout the day we all drew tickets which would denote the order in which we acquire our presents, we all were given the option to choose a present from the pile or steal from another. Amongst some other items, the cake-wich tin and ninja cookie cutters were the most popular items stolen throughout the KK session. I was happy that my item was stolen a few times too 🙂

So what did I get for my KK present? When I was opening my present I thought “Oh goodie! I got two lollypops… YAY!” but then my (no-so) secret santa yelled out “Look closer!” “Oohhhh… Lollies with bugs in them! Fantastic!” (There was also a badge of an orange with a moustache for me.)

I was debating which one to eat first and with the help of Richard, we decided to go for the cricket one. So there I was, licking the lollypop until I reached the surface where its back was showing through the lollypop, it was so creepy! I handed it over to Richard who simply took a big bite through the lollypop and shattered it half way across the cricket’s body. Eeek! Then he handed it back to me to finish off, there was a point where I could start feeling the prickliness of the feet and that was getting weird. At that stage, my lollypop conveniently fell off the stick (I’m serious! It did!) so that was the end of that. According to Richard, he couldn’t taste any bugs so I think that’s the trick, just chomp at it and don’t think about it at all. I have the mealworm lollypop left; wish me luck! It’s a good thing that I don’t have a phobia of bugs because that would have been a not-so-pleasant present otherwise.

I would like to thank Helen and Suze for organising this massive event, much love. Merry Christmas to everyone and may the year ahead be filled with many more gastronomical journeys.

To view more photos from this event, check out the photo album on my Facebook page.


  1. chocolatesuze

    ahaahaha take a video of yourself when you go to eat the second lollipop!

  2. Simon @ the heart of food

    A lot has happened over the past year, huh?

    The bug pops give me the heebie jeebies. Good luck with the mealworm.

  3. john@heneedsfood

    What a great day. Richard was right into that lollipop!

  4. OohLookBel

    The lollipop is quite gross – surprised no one tried to steal it! Glad you had a great time.

  5. Clarissa @ Eat My Shots!

    I agree with suze! Videoo!!

    dont think I got around to meeting you, but next time! :)))

  6. mademoiselle délicieuse

    Perhaps bugs don’t have a taste but just lots of crunch! You’re a champion for trying it =D

  7. Helen (grabyourfork)

    Ahh it was a great day wasn’t it? And yes, if we run the Olympics again, I will have to pull together lots more crazy ingredients!

  8. Steph

    Hahaha those lollipops freaked me out but gave us lots of entertainment, are you going to eat the second one??

  9. Sara @ Belly Rumbles

    Yes I think video of the second lollipop eating would be fantastic. Braver than I am. Love how Richard just went for it.

  10. Wendy @ Obesebaby

    Oh Didn’t thought you would even eat the first one…. haha it was nice meet’n u on Sat even thou we didn’t get a chance to talk =)

  11. bubble & squeak

    OMG, bugs…in lollipops! What a nightmare! I have such a bug fear.

    If that’s how to qualify for the foodbloggers picnic then I may have to pass.

    You were so brave.

    By the way, I’m new to your blog and I just love your detailed posts. I totally want to go to America after reading your post and your restaurant reviews are great. I feel like I am right there with you.

    I still can’t get over your blog’s name either. You’re such good value!

    Can I say you’re a Phuoc n’ wonderful blogger!

  12. MelbaToast

    I was wondering what the bug-pops would taste like…def take video of the meal worms.

    People were stealing macaroons off our tower!!!! I had no idea. It was heaps of fun none the less and so great meeting you. Go The Fondant Penguins!

  13. Thip

    Wow, so many bloggers hanged out together–fun!!!

  14. Margaret | fangirlish

    Zomg I’d have been too grossed out to eat that lollipop all the way! Go you and Richard for having the balls to get into it. Helen needs to come up with more crazy Food Blogger Olympics like running relay laps with ice cream cones before they melt 😀

  15. Gianna@TheEmptyFridge

    Such a fun day out!
    your face was priceless when you were eating the lollypops!
    So nice to see you hun xx

  16. Sweet.Petite(Like Me!).Treats

    What a wonderful & fun-filled Xmas gathering (loving your KK presents…hilarious).

    Wishing all Sydney Food Blogger’s a Merry Christmas & a Prosperous Food Blogging New Year!

    Happy blogging…

  17. Ayana

    you looked so nervous during the Taste Test! Lucky it wasn’t anything too crazy yet…
    Nice seeing you again!!

  18. Emma @CakeMistress

    Nooo… sugary goodness and bugs should never be together! You’re very brave to eat the lollipops *shudder*
    Looks like a fantabulous Christmas meetup with tonnes of food. Merry Christmas all!

  19. FFichiban

    Hee hee so much funnies and yeah the sugar really covered too much bug! Soo Phuoc, what is the next challenge ;)? Fugu? Kaleh Pacheh? Head cheese?

  20. justcooknyc

    wow, i think i would have ran when i saw those insect lollipops. funny that you’re all enjoying a beautiful day in the park this time of year while we’ve been freezing all week

  21. Phuoc

    LOL at everyone wanting me to make a video.

    Chocolatesuze: Noooo…

    Simon: Yeah, it’s pretty exciting. I’ve meet heaps of cool people along my blogging escapade 🙂 Thanks! Will need it! Maybe I can get Ant to help me.. HAHA

    John: Always a pleasure seeing you again John! That guy is a little strange… lol

    Bel: I was hoping someone wanted to steal it away from me

    Clarissa: Yeah next time…

    Mademoiselle délicieuse: I see this as preparation for my Vietnam holiday lol

    Helen: I look forward to it!

    Steph: I’ll eat it when I work up the courage to do so, so not going to lick it though. Just munch it HAHAHA..

    Sara: Oh that guy is crazy I tell you!

    Wendy: I have the foodie mentality of trying everything at least once.. I mean, I had lamb’s testicles for goodness sake! But yeah.. I don’t recall meeting you sorry (there were so many of us!), there’s always next time 😀

    Bubble & Squeak: Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂

    MelbaToast: Yeah it was great to be able to finally put a face to a blogger, was so funny when I realised it was you! Go team fondant penguins! 😛

    Thip: It was fun indeed!

    Margaret: Now that would be funny to see!

    Gianna: Blah!! It was crazy! Who in their right mind would create something like that (though I’m sure there are far worst things out there)! Great to see you guys too. Demo’s keftedes ROCKS! I didn’t want to be a pig and scoff all of it but they were so good! Lucky girl! Nice to see you again!

    S.P.T: Thanks!

    Ayana: Hehe.. Did I? Wasn’t meant to.. I think I was expecting something bad but luckily it wasn’t though it would have been fun to taste test something weird.. Just as long as it wasn’t Vegemite (had a very bad experience with it the first time I had it).

    Emma: HAHA Yeah I know hey!? At least they aren’t fattening.. 😛 Sending some Xmas love down to Melb!

    FFichiban: You are a crazy guy! I think I’ve seen head cheese at delis before but didn’t realise it was made out of the meat of animal heads and that it’s not actually cheese (what a deceptive name!).. I now know who to call for crazy food tasting.

    JustcookNYC: Hi! Yeah we sometimes forget that it’s the opposite weather on the other side of the world hey? But at least you guys will be having a white Christmas!

  22. Ladybird

    Looks like a really lovely day! Sorry I couldn’t make it, but hope to see you at another bloggers’ do before long 🙂

  23. Phuoc

    I’m sure we’ll be able to see each other soon. Happy holidays!

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