Snickers bars (choc almond) for The Sweet Swap

15 Jul 2013 | 52 Comments »

Making homemade chocolate almond Snickers bars for the inaugural Sweet Swap

Game of Thrones Lemon Cakes

21 May 2013 | 36 Comments »

Two versions of the Game of Thrones lemon cakes, both equally jam-packed with lemon goodness and perfect for tea in Winterfell (or wherever you may be).

Western Sydney Wanderers cake for the RBBQ

1 Apr 2013 | 35 Comments »

A family BBQ was organised by the Red and Black Bloc (dubbed “RBBQ”) for Western Sydney Wanderers fans to celebrate the success the team has had in their inaugural season. I decided to make a red and black cake to feed the masses

Caramels – Apple cinnamon and toasted black sesame

21 Dec 2012 | 20 Comments »

Soft caramels with a bit of a twist; apple cinnamon and toasted black sesame.

An engagement – Dessert table and plenty of DIY

25 Nov 2012 | 45 Comments »

Anthony and I are engaged. I get involved with making the dessert table and decorations for our engagement party.

Smoky pulled pork tacos – Everything from scratch!

24 Oct 2012 | 33 Comments »

Pulled pork. Is there anything it can’t do? Here I’ve had it with corn salsa, guacamole and red cabbage slaw for a wicked taco.

Movida’s braised beef cheeks in Pedro Ximenez sherry

3 Aug 2012 | 27 Comments »

Nothing beats a slow-cooked meal during cold Winter nights. This 6.5 hour slow-cooked beef cheeks in Pedro Ximenez sherry will certainly tick all the boxes.

Science cookies

6 Jul 2012 | 29 Comments »

Getting my geek on with science-themed cookies for a uni friend’s farewell.

Caramel popcorn cupcakes

29 Jun 2012 | 35 Comments »

A caramel popcorn cupcake with creamed sweet corn puree in the batter for a pastel vintage circus themed party.

Sfogliatelle and a guest post

26 Apr 2012 | 26 Comments »

My first guest post for Shez of One Bite More sees me making an irresistible Italian pastry called Sfogliatelle.