The Baron, Castle Hill

8 May 2012
by Phuoc

As of late, there appears to be surge of cafés popping up in the west. Which is good for me as this means that I can sleep in on the weekends and still be able to enjoy similar cafés that I would be able to find in the inner west/city. The interior of The Baron is quirky with an urban feel to it; a place where all the cool cats are and somewhere to spend the weekends chilling away. Open everyday for brekky and lunch, this café also turns into bar offering a separate night menu on Friday and Saturday nights.

My Autumn salad ($15) of confit ocean trout, potato, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach and egg makes me feel super healthy as everything was so fresh. It may seem that they are a little stingy on the ocean trout, but some of it is actually hidden underneath the greenery. The ocean trout is silky and succulent and I may have wished there was a little more on my plate.

Ant had the pulled pork sandwich ($13). Tender pieces of smoky pork are nested in a crusty bun with a simple and crunchy cabbage slaw. Whilst it was tasty, we couldn’t help but think it needed something extra like a smidgen of tomato chutney or so.

Having a bit of food envy from a nearby table and still feeling peckish, we decided to try the homemade banana bread with ricotta and honey ($7.70). A little on the small side, the slices are served toasted and packed with bananas. I’m glad that they aren’t sickening sweet. I happily slather the fluffy ricotta and honey all over the slice and gobble everything up pretty quickly.

The cappuccino ($4.20 for large size) comes out as a nice surprise with shavings of chocolate topping the much-needed caffeine hit. There is no need to add sugar to this coffee what-so-ever as it is smooth, nutty and strong without the bitterness.

The staff is very casual and friendly, and with service being very quick and efficient, you can’t help but feel like watching the day go by just for a moment.

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  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme

    Haha that sign out front is so true though! Ahh I also love the fact that there are more cafes locally. It does save the trek considering we live a lengthy distance away from city/inner west. That coffee looks so pretty!

  2. Miss Piggy

    This is a great little cafe and I’m glad some more individual & quirky places are opening up in my neck of the woods – I (like you) prefer to sleep in on weekends, but still like to go somewhere nice for brunch. Try the iced-coffee next time, it’s great.

  3. chocolatesuze

    love the baron! incredible food and awesome coffee and close to the hood!

  4. Ramen Raff

    Mmmm…smokey pulled pork! Another nice cafe out west! Nice photos too 🙂

  5. Maria @Epicuriously

    I like the chocolate shavings on that cap!
    I agree – I love how more decent cafes are (slowly) popping up out west, will definitely have to check this place out.

  6. Sara (Belly Rumbles)

    Even though the pulled pork sammie could of done with a bit extra, still looks mighty nice. What about those chocolate shavings on the cap, oh yes please!

  7. SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa)

    That ocean trout sounds really great! And chocolate shavings on the coffee?? Brilliant touch.

  8. catty

    I’m also glad there are cafes popping up in the west cos when we visit Panu’s parents we are always stuck for ideas on where to go so now we know!

  9. Vivian - vxdollface

    Such a cute cafe, definitely very Surry Hills/Newtown type! Nice to see new places popping up

  10. Helen (Grab Your Fork)

    The autumn salad sounds lovely and lol at the signboard outside!

  11. Phuoc

    Tina: Oh most definitely! Weekend sleep ins are a priority for me so it’s great for me to be able to enjoy a good brunch close to home.

    Miss Piggy: I did see that iced coffee ordered by someone nearby and was tempted to have a second dose of caffeine but had to restrain myself, at least it’s a perfect excuse to go back again 🙂

    Chocolatesuze: Yep! Love that we have such wonderful places so close to home.

    Ramen Raff: Thanks!

    Maria: Me too, I wanted more! Definitely worth checking out soon

    Sara: Maybe I’m just greedy and wanted more… :p

    SarahKate: Sometimes simplicity wins over and small touches that make things memorable. Love the chocolate shavings

    Catty: Awesome!

    Vivian: A bit Melbourne-ish I’d say, bring it on!

    Helen: Such profound wisdom it is..

  12. JasmyneTea

    Tis a bit far, but if ever I’m in the area I’d definitely like to try some of that pulled pork sandwich!

  13. Nic@diningwithastud

    I love those tables 🙂 so cute! My bff lives over near there so must head over for our next catch up

  14. muppy

    interesting to read what you thought, my food was delicious but they must have had an off moment with the coffee….

  15. Phuoc

    JasmyneTea: Their menu is seasonal and as far as I’m aware this is on their current Autumn menu so if you want to have the pulled pork sambo, check it out soon.

    Nic: What a great excuse for a catch up 😀

    Muppy: That’s a shame that you didn’t have a nice coffee; I’d be annoyed too

  16. Alana

    I love that trendy small-bar-esque places like these are popping up outside of the inner-west! The menu looks great, I’ve only ever had a coffee there and I too was impressed with the little chocolate shavings. 🙂

  17. Phuoc

    Alana: Simple pleasures; I loved it!

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