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Game of Thrones Lemon Cakes

21 May 2013 | 36 Comments »

Two versions of the Game of Thrones lemon cakes, both equally jam-packed with lemon goodness and perfect for tea in Winterfell (or wherever you may be).

Western Sydney Wanderers cake for the RBBQ

1 Apr 2013 | 35 Comments »

A family BBQ was organised by the Red and Black Bloc (dubbed “RBBQ”) for Western Sydney Wanderers fans to celebrate the success the team has had in their inaugural season. I decided to make a red and black cake to feed the masses

An engagement – Dessert table and plenty of DIY

25 Nov 2012 | 45 Comments »

Anthony and I are engaged. I get involved with making the dessert table and decorations for our engagement party.

Egg Cake (Cake filled eggs)

10 Apr 2012 | 19 Comments »

They may look like innocent dyed eggs, but they actually contain cake in them! Find out how to make them so you can surprise your friends and family.

Marblised chocolate and matcha cake

27 Jun 2011 | 27 Comments »

A soft and dense cake packed with chocolate and green tea. The bitterness of the matcha is toned down by the sweetness of the chocolate and the addition of the vanilla bean chantilly cream.

Upside-down pear cake with vanilla bean syrup

5 Apr 2011 | 14 Comments »

A beautiful light and moist cake filled with an intoxicating pear and vanilla aroma.

Daring Bakers: Salted caramel mousse cake with joconde imprime

28 Jan 2011 | 27 Comments »

This month’s Daring Bakers’ Challenge was to make biscuit joconde imprime (a decorative sponge which encases a dessert). The only flavour that was going through my head was salted caramel, so I turned that into a mousse to create this pretty cake.

Hazelnut nougatine and honey buttercream sponge cake

26 Jan 2011 | 12 Comments »

This cake almost killed my food processor! Sponge cake filled with a delicate honey buttercream, topped with crunchy hazelnut nougatine makes for a lovely tea time treat.

Couture Cake Classes – Christmas Cake

10 Dec 2010 | 26 Comments »

Over the weekend I was invited to attend a cake decorating class with Couture Cake Classes. I have no experience decorating cakes with fondant but I think I did pretty good in creating a cute Christmas-themed cake.

Jaffa Cake

17 Oct 2010 | 25 Comments »

A classic combo of chocolate and orange, this cake is light, moist and made from blended candied orange. YUM!