Cafe Cre Asion, Sydney

18 August 2011
by Phuoc

Recently there has been a lot of buzz on Twitter about macarons from a new place near Surry Hills that had just opened; stumbled upon by ChocolateSuze, so I decided to check it out with Simon to see what all the fuss was about and it’s been a while since I had macarons. Cafe Cre Asion is a small cafe tucked away in a small street, seating only about 8 people on low tables and stools.

Yu is the owner and chef here, he has worked in restaurants such as Universal and Marque prior to opening up this cafe. What is interesting is that he wasn’t a pastry chef at the establishments. I guess this has allowed him to somewhat seek inspiration from the things he enjoys drinking and eating and turns them into macarons. While the flavours are not too insane like Adriano Zumbo, most of his flavours are Asian inspired for example green tea, plum wine, yuzu, white miso etc… Flavours vary daily and he tries to come up with new flavours at least every week.

There’s a big cabinet of macarons as you walk in and some other treats like shortbread, truffles and fanciers on the shelf that they also sell. But I’m here for the macarons and some lunch..

Besides macarons and sweets, 3 types of bread are made fresh and daily (brioche, sour dough and focaccia). There are limited options of sandwiches on offer; you basically choose the bread and filling you want. With only three fillings to choose from I choose the jamon Serrano and Tasmania Heidi Farm gruyere cheese sandwich ($8.50) whilst Simon choose the smoked salmon with pickled fennel, capers and soft-boiled egg sandwich ($9.00); the third option was seasonal tomato, basil, kalamata olive and house made ricotta cheese ($8.00).

To my understanding, these fillings will change from time to time depending on seasonality in the future.

I was told by Suze to try the jamon and gruyere cheese sandwich on brioche but they had ran out by the time I got there so I got it on focaccia instead. I know it’s just a “ham and cheese” sandwich but it was a damn good one! So good that I didn’t want to share it with Simon (sorry mate!) It came out slightly toasted with melted cheese oozing out from the sides and just the right amount of saltiness from the jamon.

Simon thoroughly enjoyed his smoked salmon with pickled fennel, capers and soft-boiled egg sandwich ($9.00) (also on focaccia) too. He said there was a slight smokiness from the salmon and the eggs were fresh but he found the bread a little oily, mine was fine but I think that’s how it should be as olive oil is drizzled over the top of the focaccia dough prior to it being baked in the oven.

We had some macarons to share. (How cute is the little butter knife thingy?!) The flavours we had were white miso, yuzu, plum wine & avocado.

You can also buy macarons to takeaway, the more you buy, the more of a discount you’ll receive. At $2.70 a pop, they are a little more expensive than others but you are paying for good quality ingredients after-all; a box of 8 is $21 and box of 16 is $40. In my box of 8, I chose avocado, dark chocolate, cranberry, raspberry jam, green tea, yuzu, pistachio and blood orange.

The macarons were how they are meant to be; crispy shell and slightly soft and chewy in the center. Here’s what I thought about each macaron:

  • Yuzu – I liked that it was citrusy without the intense tangy flavour
  • Blood orange – nice citrus flavours
  • Pistachio – jammed packed with a wonderful nutty flavour that doesn’t taste artificial
  • Avocado – was not as strong as I had anticipated, there was a subtle avocado flavour but I guess I was after something like the avocado shakes you’d get in Cabramatta
  • Plum wine – had a floral fragrance and the filling was more like a curd that had a subtle plum wine taste
  • White miso – “interesting”; it was sweet and slightly umami. I can’t actually describe the flavour so I guess you’ll just have to try it out for yourself if you dare 
  • Matcha – lovely green tea flavour without being too bitter
  • Raspberry jam – I liked the jammy consistency of the filling and was pleased that it wasn’t too tart
  • Cranberry –  was ok but I think it was a little overshadowed by the other delicious macaron flavours for me to notice much of its flavour
  • Dark chocolate – I didn’t get to try this one as I gave it to a friend who has never had a macaron before (I know!) but he seemed to enjoy it a lot

There was a macaron flavour that I wish I got to try as it sounds so awesome but I think they ran out earlier during the day. “Dear Chris” is  a hazelnut praline with milk chocolate ganache macaron dedicated to Christine Manfield and is based on her famous deconstructed Golden Gaytime dessert at the restaurant. Maybe next time..

So get in quick to check this place out before the lines start queuing out the door.

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  1. Lil

    I seriously need to get my ass over to this cute cafe soon. Each time I see a food blog post on it, I feel like I’m missing out on the party!

  2. chocolatesuze

    hahaha but phuoc sharing is caring! lololol

  3. mademoiselle délicieuse

    Gruyere is just designed for oozy meltiness! Mmmm, with salty salty jamon…

  4. joey@FoodiePOp

    Who doesn’t love a good macaron? What is the address of this place though? I can’t see it in your post.

  5. Ramen Raff

    Happy place!!!

    I have two words “amazing pistachio”

  6. muppy

    Great review, i really hope to make it there someday….

  7. Miss Piggy

    I checked this place out a few weeks ago, but didn’t buy anything…I resisted temptation I’m pleased to say!

  8. nic@diningwithastud

    Def need to head to this place! Its not too far from work and the lunches look awesome – some macarons wouldnt hurt either 😉

  9. Richard Elliot

    I knew it wouldn’t be too long before you made it to Cre Asion Phuoc. You can’t resist macarons!

  10. Paula

    Those macarons look goood…so bright!

  11. FFichiban

    OMG Mr Bread is soooo awesome!! I must be the only one that hasn’t been here yet >_<

  12. Phuoc

    Lil: Do check it out when/if you get the chance.. At least do it before it gets packed

    Chocolatesuze: But.. but.. It’s good! :p

    Mademoiselle délicieuse: You know, for some reason I thought Gruyere was stinky cheese… So never really tried it until now. I’ve been missing out!

    Joey: Totally agree. I’ve had some that weren’t too great; extremely dry – bad! The address should be on the map..

    Ramen Raff: My wallet is happy that I don’t work so close though.. Imagine how many times I’d go in a month! The pistachio is out of this world..

    Muppy: I hope so too, before everyone else gets to it

    Miss Piggy: Next time you should fight temptation and just go for it!

    Nic: If you work nearby then I don’t see why you shouldn’t check it out 🙂 Lunch and macs are so worth it

    Richard: lol no I can’t…

    Paula: They are colourful aren’t they, so pretty!

    FFichiban: Hehe.. That was so cute “Mr Bread..”, he is begging us to eat him.. Yum! Well what are you waiting for?! Hop to it!

  13. Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul

    Thanks for the tip regarding this cafe Phuoc…love those sandwiches!

  14. Phuoc

    Peter: Not a problem!

  15. Gianna ham and cheese for you, Simon!

    Im desperate to try the plum wine macaron – so i must take a trip soon, il make sure to grab a dear chris flavour for you if there is one! It seems to be one of their most popular flavours!

  16. JasmyneTea

    I’m dying to go here! Great review, I’m looking forward to trying the Yuzu just because I like the sound of it my mouth, lol. “Yuuuuzuuuu”.

  17. bake in paris

    Interesting cafe, it must be so good for it to tuck away in a small street…. Thanks for the info, I will check it out if I ever get to visit Sydney 🙂

  18. kayB

    gaah I’m having macaron withdrawals! Must. Visit. This. Place!

  19. Pauline @thelipstickcafe

    Wow, those flavors sound amazing. White miso and plum wine? Yum! My friend who studied abroad in Sydney caught a love of macarons; I wonder if she’s been here. I’d love to visit Australia sometime soon and make this place one of my dessert stops!

  20. mary @ ohmykitchenaid

    yummy! i only tried the macs… next time will HAVE to try a sandwich.. both of them looked absolutely delicious!

  21. Phuoc

    Gianna: Oh thanks! Enjoy it on my behalf, although I should go again to witness it first-hand 🙂 Mmmmm macarons!

    JasmyneTea: Yuzu was probably one of my favourite flavours. Do try it! It’s delish!

    Bake in Paris: I love the cosiness of small cafes. Let me know if you do ever head down to Sydney, I’ll be happy to show you around 🙂

    KayB: Me too! It’s been a few weeks since my last macaron.. Hehe, MA (“Macarons Anonymous”)

    Pauline: Well this cafe has opened up about 2 months ago, so if she was here then she might have 🙂

    Mary: Yes, jamon and gruyere cheese sandwich ROCKS!

  22. Tina

    Thank you for taking such mouthwatering pictures =) yummmmm

  23. Phuoc

    Tina: Not a problem!

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