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Snickers bars (choc almond) for The Sweet Swap

15 Jul 2013 | 52 Comments »

Making homemade chocolate almond Snickers bars for the inaugural Sweet Swap

Chocolate almond cookies

22 Dec 2011 | 20 Comments »

With Christmas around the corner, these chocolate almond cookies makes for a brilliant last minute gift.

Chewy pistachio and choc chip muesli bars

16 May 2011 | 22 Comments »

A chewy muesli bar that you can alter depending on your taste or whatever is in lying around in the kitchen/pantry.

Hazelnut nougatine and honey buttercream sponge cake

26 Jan 2011 | 12 Comments »

This cake almost killed my food processor! Sponge cake filled with a delicate honey buttercream, topped with crunchy hazelnut nougatine makes for a lovely tea time treat.

Chocolate macadamia truffles

4 Jan 2011 | 34 Comments »

I made chocolate truffles for a few food blogger friends and played with the idea of creating chocolate and macadamia truffles, unfortunately the chocolate overpowered the macadamia. But stay tuned as I’ll continue to experiment with flavours to create more yummy chocolate creations.

Chocolate almond clusters

22 Dec 2010 | 14 Comments »

With Christmas on the way and being very limited with time to bake, I whip up these quick and dead simple chocolates as gifts.

Chocolate hazelnut tart

13 Dec 2010 | 16 Comments »

The second lot of desserts I baked up for Dario’s food photography session. Chocolate and hazelnuts are a match made in foodie heaven. This tart was discovered on my recent trip to San Francisco where I discovered the wonderful joys of Tartine Bakery.

Just Desserts – Tomislav, Darlinghurst

20 Oct 2010 | 19 Comments »

Tomislav joins forces with pastry chef Chris The from Black Star Pastry to devise a 7 course dessert degustation; something that sounds so wonderful in my mind.

Greek shortbread cookies (Kourambiedes)

20 Sep 2010 | 16 Comments »

Irresistible cookies that simply melt in the mouth and are quite addictive. The best thing about these cookies is how simple they are to make.

Pear and almond cinnamon cake

2 Sep 2010 | 13 Comments »

Whilst there is still room for improvement in this cake, the combination of pears, nuts and cinnamon is lovely.