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An engagement – Dessert table and plenty of DIY

25 Nov 2012 | 45 Comments »

Anthony and I are engaged. I get involved with making the dessert table and decorations for our engagement party.

Greek lamb with watermelon salad

23 Jan 2012 | 15 Comments »

I love combining fruit and meat together. This Greek-style lamb with watermelon salad may sound odd at first but it’s definitely worth trying!

Black sesame dumplings

15 Aug 2011 | 36 Comments »

Chewy dumplings filled with a sweet black sesame paste and served with a ginger syrup.

Che bap (Sweet corn pudding)

31 Jul 2011 | 21 Comments »

Myself and 2 fellow Viet food bloggers had a “Che Off”. Che is a term used to describe Vietnamese dessert. I decided to make a sweet corn pudding that brings back childhood memories.

Chocolate almond clusters

22 Dec 2010 | 14 Comments »

With Christmas on the way and being very limited with time to bake, I whip up these quick and dead simple chocolates as gifts.

Pear frangipane tart

18 Feb 2010 | 30 Comments »

If you want to have a go at making tarts but can not be bothered to chill the dough then roll it and shape it into the tin and then chill it again, then this is the recipe for you! You can use just about any fruit for this tart; try it with canned peaches or plums.