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Smoky pulled pork tacos – Everything from scratch!

24 Oct 2012 | 28 Comments »

Pulled pork. Is there anything it can’t do? Here I’ve had it with corn salsa, guacamole and red cabbage slaw for a wicked taco.

Caramel popcorn cupcakes

29 Jun 2012 | 33 Comments »

A caramel popcorn cupcake with creamed sweet corn puree in the batter for a pastel vintage circus themed party.

Cantina Mobil – Food trucks

17 May 2012 | 21 Comments »

Cantina Mobil; a Mexican food truck, is the first of 10 food trucks to hit the streets of Sydney. Serving tacos, buritos, chilli corn and chilli choc ice cream, the food and vibe surely is great.

Che bap (Sweet corn pudding)

31 Jul 2011 | 21 Comments »

Myself and 2 fellow Viet food bloggers had a “Che Off”. Che is a term used to describe Vietnamese dessert. I decided to make a sweet corn pudding that brings back childhood memories.