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Snickers bars (choc almond) for The Sweet Swap

15 Jul 2013 | 49 Comments »

Making homemade chocolate almond Snickers bars for the inaugural Sweet Swap

Caramels – Apple cinnamon and toasted black sesame

21 Dec 2012 | 19 Comments »

Soft caramels with a bit of a twist; apple cinnamon and toasted black sesame.

Chocolate macadamia truffles

4 Jan 2011 | 30 Comments »

I made chocolate truffles for a few food blogger friends and played with the idea of creating chocolate and macadamia truffles, unfortunately the chocolate overpowered the macadamia. But stay tuned as I’ll continue to experiment with flavours to create more yummy chocolate creations.

Chocolate almond clusters

22 Dec 2010 | 14 Comments »

With Christmas on the way and being very limited with time to bake, I whip up these quick and dead simple chocolates as gifts.

Chocolate marshmallows and a new addition to the cooking arena

5 Oct 2010 | 27 Comments »

I christen my brand my KitchenAid Mixer by making homemade marshmallows. These marshmallows are so soft and fluffy and are way better than the store-bought ones.