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Pear crumble tarts

4 Jul 2011 | 33 Comments »

Seeking inspiration from a tart I had at Black Star Pastry. Buttery and crumbly pastry shell is filled with a luscious vanilla bean and cinnamon poached pear puree and topped with a simple but morish crumble mixture.

Upside-down pear cake with vanilla bean syrup

5 Apr 2011 | 14 Comments »

A beautiful light and moist cake filled with an intoxicating pear and vanilla aroma.

Pear and almond cinnamon cake

2 Sep 2010 | 13 Comments »

Whilst there is still room for improvement in this cake, the combination of pears, nuts and cinnamon is lovely.

Pear frangipane tart

18 Feb 2010 | 30 Comments »

If you want to have a go at making tarts but can not be bothered to chill the dough then roll it and shape it into the tin and then chill it again, then this is the recipe for you! You can use just about any fruit for this tart; try it with canned peaches or plums.