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Vietnamese coffee ice cream

27 Dec 2011 | 36 Comments »

Having a cup of Vietnamese iced coffee allows me to relax over a cup of coffee and instantly transports me back to my holiday in Vietnam at the beginning of the year. To pay homage to the last Delicious Vietnam blogging event and the highlight of my year, I decided to whip up a creamy and indulgent Vietnamese coffee ice cream.

Chocolate almond cookies

22 Dec 2011 | 20 Comments »

With Christmas around the corner, these chocolate almond cookies makes for a brilliant last minute gift.

Kazbah, Darling Harbour

13 Dec 2011 | 19 Comments »

Moroccan in the middle of the city with views of Darling Harbour at the doorstep? You would think that you would have to pay for the view for tasty Moroccan food but this isn’t case at Kazbah.