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Daring Bakers: Salted caramel mousse cake with joconde imprime

28 Jan 2011 | 27 Comments »

This month’s Daring Bakers’ Challenge was to make biscuit joconde imprime (a decorative sponge which encases a dessert). The only flavour that was going through my head was salted caramel, so I turned that into a mousse to create this pretty cake.

Hazelnut nougatine and honey buttercream sponge cake

26 Jan 2011 | 12 Comments »

This cake almost killed my food processor! Sponge cake filled with a delicate honey buttercream, topped with crunchy hazelnut nougatine makes for a lovely tea time treat.

Twelve Spices, Canley Heights

10 Jan 2011 | 22 Comments »

Twelve Spices serves up an array of Thai and Laoation dishes and has always been a local favourite with my family; the food is cheap, authentic and really good.

Chocolate macadamia truffles

4 Jan 2011 | 25 Comments »

I made chocolate truffles for a few food blogger friends and played with the idea of creating chocolate and macadamia truffles, unfortunately the chocolate overpowered the macadamia. But stay tuned as I’ll continue to experiment with flavours to create more yummy chocolate creations.