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Just Desserts – Tomislav, Darlinghurst

20 Oct 2010 | 19 Comments »

Tomislav joins forces with pastry chef Chris The from Black Star Pastry to devise a 7 course dessert degustation; something that sounds so wonderful in my mind.

Jaffa Cake

17 Oct 2010 | 25 Comments »

A classic combo of chocolate and orange, this cake is light, moist and made from blended candied orange. YUM!

Sydney Food Blogger’s Mad Hatter’s Picnic

13 Oct 2010 | 25 Comments »

Two food blogger picnics were held over the weekend in two cities; Syd and Melb. We definitely showed the Melbournian how us Sydney food bloggers throw a party. It was great catching up with everyone, putting a face to a blog and meeting new food bloggers, oh and of course feasting. There was so much good food to be had.

Surfin’ USA: Fast Food – Part One

11 Oct 2010 | 28 Comments »

On a recent trip to the states, my cousins decided to share the wonders of American fast food to me (ahh… the things I do for research). This is the first installment of such gastronomical fatty adventures..

Chocolate marshmallows and a new addition to the cooking arena

5 Oct 2010 | 27 Comments »

I christen my brand my KitchenAid Mixer by making homemade marshmallows. These marshmallows are so soft and fluffy and are way better than the store-bought ones.